A Pocketful of Buttons

by Colleen Glazer



From the musical revue: THE USED FACES of 2004.
Vocal: Colleen Glazer


Once I stole a spool of thread
From the Woolworth store,
Now the Woolworth store
Isn't there anymore.
And I can't help feel responsible,
I can't help feel a fool,
For a stolen spool of thread,
Now the Woolworth chain is dead.

Once I had a dove decal
on a blue day-glo
Transistor radio--
It was so long ago.
And I can't help feel responsible,
I left the thing turned on,
Now the battery's gone stone cold,
Like the bands of AM gold.

Now I don't know where to get my thread,
And I don't know what to sing,
With a pocketful of buttons
I would hum most anything...
La dah dah...

Once I loved a boy who worked
Pumping Esso fuel,
Like a sturdy mule--
He was nobody's fool.
I can't help feel responsible
That Exxon fired the boards,
And the desert lords allied.
When the Valdez bled I cried.

Now I don't know where to take my car,
And I don't know who to thank,
For the only boy I ever loved,
Or the tiger in my tank.
Could it end up any other way,
For he too finally fled.
For the patch that bore
That pump boy's name
I attached with stolen thread!

In a line of chain reactions,
I'm the first one to agree,
If the world is spinning out of hand
You can blame it all on me.

So I admit I've done my part
In a world gone mad!
And I feel so bad--
For it's all very sad.
I hold myself responsible
For a monumental crime,
I'm a petty dime store thief,
Who will never find relief.

But if God is in the details,
I will find another love,
On an old transistor radio,
Or the decal of a dove.
In a pocketful of buttons,
In a cushion filled with pins,
Or a needle on a record no one spins.
La la la...

Words & Music by Michael Ogborn
© 1999 Leydensong Music Co
All Rights Reserved


released August 17, 2016
Vocal: Colleen Glazer .
Michael Ogborn: Piano,
Drums: Dave Mohn.
Bass: Matt Parrish




all rights reserved


Michael Ogborn New York, New York

Michael Ogborn is a composer/playwright currently living in New York City. He has had over 25 musicals produced to date. Please visit his website at www.michaelogborn.com for archival photos and show information. Thanks!

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