1. Habitat
    The Spotted Owl & Friends

  2. Per Sempre
    Rebecca Robbins

  3. Ol' Man's Liver
    Mike & the Penrose Ramblers

  4. Master Digits 11 piano solos

  5. Sophisticated Twinkees
    Cabaret songs from the GAY 90's

  6. Everything Blows
    Chuck Sweeney

  7. My Oldest Friend

  8. Field Hockey Hot
    Original Cast Recording

  9. A Woman's Song
    Joilet F. Harris

  10. Hidden in Plain View
    Michael Ogborn 11 songs

  11. The Diction Lesson
    Little Marie & Big Marie

  12. Slainte Song
    Mike & The Penrose Ramblers

  13. Cinderella Waltz
    From CINDERELLA: A Musical Panto

  14. To Any Boy Who Ever Loved
    Todd Waddington

  15. Upon the Hill
    Victoria Netreba, Ricky Paul, Peter Andrew Danzig

  16. That Look You Love
    Tracie Higgins

  17. My Mother's Frying Pan
    Mike & Burning Bridget Cleary

  18. Pollywood Confidential: a musical book signing

  19. Wolf in the Mirror
    Mike & the P.T.C.

  20. Arcade Days
    Mike & the P.T.C.

  21. The 1975 Gwynedd Valley Horse Show
    Mike & The Penrose Ramblers

  22. Barfly
    Ricky Paul

  23. Surf & Jive
    Mike & the P.T.C.

  24. Funk 4 Lunch
    Mike & The P.T.C.

  25. Foxy Ave.
    Mike & the P.T.C.

  26. Movin' Ahead
    Mike & the P.T.C.

  27. Pocketful of Buttons
    Colleen Glazer

  28. E Pluribus Unum
    Mike & the Penrose Ramblers

  29. Moderation
    Tracie Higgins & Mike Ogborn

  30. Dirty Dishes
    Jilline Ringle

  31. If I Didn't Know Now
    Tracie Higgins

  32. Old Lady Autumn
    Jilline Ringle

  33. Dementia
    Peter Andrew Danzig

  34. "Ou, Apres la Guerre?"
    Lorinda Lisitza

  35. The Boy For Me
    Ann Pinto McCarney

  36. Ballad Valley
    Colleen Glazer

  37. Reunited Sister Act
    Chuck Sweeney

  38. A Judy Garland Christmas
    Mike & Chuck

  39. Daddy Long Legs
    Jilline Ringle

  40. My Ringing Phone

  41. "C'est la Guerre!"
    15th Anniversary Cast Recording

  42. Moisturize!
    Tracie Higgins

  43. Places I Used to Call Home
    Mike & Kiley Ryan

  44. The Dreamer's Lament

  45. My White Flight
    Mike & Joilet

  46. On the Steps of St. James
    David Topel & Ricky Paul

  47. All That Glitters
    Tracie Higgins

  48. "Vive la Matinee!"
    Mike & the Penrose Ramblers

  49. Baby Case
    Todd Waddington

  50. "Im in the Show!"
    Ann Pinto McCarney

  51. In the Temple of the Honky Tonk

  52. Remember Me
    Jeffrey Coon

  53. To Give As You Gave

  54. "Beauty"
    Steve Pacek and Caroline Dooner


Michael Ogborn New York, New York

This site is a platform for the work of American Musical Theatre Composer/playwright Michael Ogborn. Currently living and working in New York City, Ogborn has had over 25 musicals and pantos produced
to date. New recordings are added regularly.

"Enjoy the variety and please visit my website at www.michaelogborn.com for archival photos and show information.Thank you very much!"
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